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Healthy Living and Eating - PDF Version

Healthy Living and Eating - PDF Version

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Acknowledgements: This book is dedicated to the life of my brother Akil Jalani Goodman. I also want to give high honor and praises to my parents, Larry and Inez Goodman, for always supporting me through every walk of life. I want to give special honor to my Empress, my Wife, Lashun Goodman Bey, for realizing my vision, and assisting me in making my dreams reality.

Chapter 1. Getting rid of Parasites!

Parasitic infestations in humans are in epidemic proportions. Unfortunately, most doctors are not trained in the treatment of parasites. It requires an especially terrible case of infestation before a doctor might suspect a patient’s health is suffering from parasites. Understanding the symptoms and how to naturally remove them from your body will ensure you protect yourself from sickness and maintain a strong immune system.

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